Well, let's see. I was born in 1977 at the very early age of zero in Jamestown, TN. My mother tells me that the first thing I did after I was home from the hospital was pee on myself. I was laid down on the couch and I guess I just had to go. She said it made an arc thru the air and was sprinkling in my face. Cute story, but it's actually rather embarrassing. She also tells me that one of the first words I learned to say after I began to talk was "bullshit". Appropriate, seeing as that would be how I get through most of the rest of my life. ;)

Above is a picture of me reading "Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb" by Dr. Seuss. He was my favorite author at the time. Skip 4 or 5 years and you find me an energetic kid with a slight speech impediment and a love for nature and science. I liked frogs. Still do. I wish I could have a frog for a pet. Maybe I should do that. My parents soon remedied the speech problem with a few visits to the "speech lady". That was weird. They thought it was because I had hearing problems, but not the case. I think i t was because I watched "the Count" on Sesame Street too much. I remember getting in a fight with this kid on the playground when I was in kindergarden. He was a big bully but I kicked his ass. No really, I kicked him right in the buttocks, sending him flying right off the slide onto that hard, sun-baked playground clay. That kid tormented me for months until finally I admitted the problem to my mom, who called the school and had his arrogant bully ass put in a little trouble. Didn't really work, he still did it, and did it 10 times worse. Lesson #1 learned. Don't tattle on anybody with a significant tactical advantage over you. In this case, it was size. The kid was huge.

Skip another 5 years and my family had moved from Jamestown, to Harriman, to Searcy AR, and then we landed back in Tennessee in a town called Hendersonville. I've lived in and around H'ville ever since. We moved when I was in 5th and a half grade, so I was one of those kids that came into class and got to be introduced as the new kid and sent to the back to be stared at for being new. I found more bullies in Hendersonville. I won't go into depth about any of these evil people, but you know who you are. Just wait, I still have plans to blow up your house and/or melt your car into the ground.

My personal history past this point is something you will have to find out yourself. I don't want any freaks on the net knowing more about me than they should.

I will share that I am a person of science and philosophy, and I love talking about them both. I like things that make me think, and most of those things fall in the realm of science. Although I consider myself a religious person, I detest religious arguments because they are futile. That's why it's called faith, you must believe no matter what other people try to convince you. I am very much an optimist. I believe in true love and destiny...most of the time. :) I love nature and the outdoors. I am into astronomy when I find the time (and a dark/clear sky), computers all the time, and rollerblading when I can think to bring my blades. Backpacking is something I love but rarely get the time to do. I hope to have lots of pictures of trips on here soon.

Anwyay, that is me in a small nutshell.