After a successful night of coding, I decided to start blogging my development of the MachDB.

Yay! First post! I’ll describe it more later.

(also checking out the cool labels that blogger has now)

And going to bed.

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  1. pfweeks
    2007/06/20 at 4:24 AM

    I’m mildly interested in what MachDB is but I just wanted to let you know that I stayed up for no good reason until 4AM last night reading last night every one of your Fiat Spider blog entries. No kidding about MachDB, I’m a DBA nearly 20 years your senior, but I owned a ’70 Spider as my first car in ’79 and even though mine was relatively “new” by present day standards, I experienced almost every one of your “character-building opportunities” (f^*&cking PITA obstacles in plainspeak) with my car. BTW, even though my car was a ’70, it was bought with a freshly transplanted 1608cc(from a ’71, I believe), so I too was the proud owner of the longest coil wire on the block.:-)

    Nate, I can’t tell you how big and frozen my smile was reading about every detail from the leaky heater valve, the noisy(but nice shifting) tranny, the broken clock, the mongo allen oil plug. I even drove it from NJ to Florida and back on Winter Break! What kind of idiot teenage gambler was I?

    Anyway, thanks again for the memories of my “Fix It Again Tony”.

    I even test drove a Special TC and an 850 Spider(no oil filter, change the oil every 1000 miles, can you believe that?) while I was shopping for my Spider. I think I have to start my first blog just to put down in vPrint my experiences with 70’s cars. The short version is “If you don’t have manual(unassisted) steering, you’re not a man”, or so I thought as a 113lb college freshman;-)

    How’s this for a scary long comment? Anyway, just to let you know where guys like us(me, future you) end up: Driving a Mazda Tribute with 2 kids in the back with a never driven Miata and expensively restored ’72 El Camino in a garage across town that you get to maybe twice a year.;-)

  2. Nathan
    2007/06/20 at 5:42 AM


    NJ to FL? You are nuts! Great comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed it…made me a tad sad to re-read some of the old posts…I haven’t touched the car in over a year due to taking up a new job. But I’ve been threatening to go out and do a few more exercises in futility lately. I need to soon, before my yearly trip to Monterey this August. Thanks for the inspiration, I think I’ll plan in some time next week to do just that. 🙂

    Hit me up on e-mail or something and let me know if/when you get your blog up, I’ll have to visit it to see myself in a few years.

    n a t h a n@mbh.c (abbreviated, substitute real domain).

    P.S. I must be getting old…I want my Miata now!


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