Andrew McClanahan
Kayaker, backpacker, and lover of many women.
Will James Childress
Huge Cure fan and Southpark junkie
Rosanna Rennie
My best girliefriend's page :)
Ben Harvey
Eurotrash Extraordinaire
Chris Baker
Big big fan of "The Tick". Check out his fan page!
Alex Irkliy
Mad Ukrainian Terrorist
Brock King
Bob Wiggins
Amateur Television Buff
Gregg Kimmer
Mad American Terrorist
Coboy Bob
Mad Texan Terrorist (with sharp boots!)
Bob Berry
User of many a MHz Pentium and WebMaster of VSCC.
Greg Ciampa
Soccer Player Extraordinaire
Duane Clark
Cottontown CPA & Ham
Steve McDuffie
Big Orange Fan!
Mike Williams
Lives in "The Cave of Math"
David Hardisan
I wish I had a super-fast cable modem