This is a collection of pictures I have taken since I started trying to become an amateur photographer.
Click on any picture to bring up the larger version. (All previews are 25% of original size.)

Artsy Car

This is the front of my car. The fresh raindrops made for a cool picture. I want a macro lens!

Artsy Flowers

Some of my Mom's roses

Rose Droplets

This closeup was particularly cool after I took it.

David's Graduation

David at Graduation. Look at that smile.

Dinty Moore Ad

Dinty Moore!!! The food of champion mountain climbers!

Dinty Moore Can

Dinty Moore Can (Feel free to steal it for use and promotion on your page)

David and Joseph flying a Kite

David and Joseph at my granparents land flying a kite. It was a particularly low wind day, but that didn't stop them.

Lindsey Wilson

Lindsey Wilson at graduation. Also smiling happily!

Glazed at 64 degrees

I walked into the playroom and found these 3 Nintendo addicts glued to the tube and wanted to capture the "Glazed" look. Too bad they smiled at the last second.

David on the Phone

David talking on the phone. I was annoying him to death and thought it would be a good time to snap off a shot.

Hendersonville Panorama

I live on a big hill so I thought I would try out the new APS film format of my camera. Worked pretty good and the picture came out great!

Joseph Shooting BBall

Another panoramic of Joseph trying to pretend to play basketball.

Panorama a house

Neat flag.

Panorama of my street

Neato Huh? (What's that FUNK on the ground?)

David before his prom

Joseph giving David pointers on how to pick up girls...right before prom.

Dad at Graduation

Dad at graduation, smiling for the telephoto lens.

My Blades

The source of all my bangs, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and general moanings.

Squirrel on the porch

Intruding squirrel on our back poarch. What's he looking for?

Time Lapse Stars

I was messing around with Dad's camera and tried a time lapse of the night sky. It didn't turn out right because I live in a suburb with tons of light pollution, and because I had no idea what I was doing. Still cool anyway.

Time Lapse with Jet Trails

This is my second try of the same thing. A jet from the NIA flew thru.