Geek Links

Apple Computer
Maker of the fastest personal computers in the world
Makers of the PowerPC RISC Microprocessor
Be, Inc.
Very advanced multimedia OS for PowerPC chips.
Yes, they still exist
RedHat Software
Distributors of RedHat Linux 4.2
Linux Organization
The ONLY OS for the X86 processor family!
MkLinux Project
Linux for the PowerPC (it screams!)
Attention Marketing Majors:Learning opportunity!
The only sensible alternative to the Pentium scam
Silicon Graphics
Very unique and super fast hardware. (Check out the O2)
Jack Ryan once said:"It's wise to learn the ways of one's enemies"

Personal Favorites

Meade Instrument Corporation
Manufacturer of excellent telescopes and related equipment
Sky Online
Your Astronomy Source on the World Wide Web
SETI Institute
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Hearts of Space
Killer Space music on Saturday nights on NPR
Another one for the tape recorder, comes on before Hearts of Space
The X-Files Home Page
All kinds of great stuff for X-Philes
MacUser Online
Macworld Online
Great Macintosh Magazines
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ahh, Diana Troi.
StarWars Page at UPENN
Greatest Movies Ever Made!
Amateur Radio Interest Page
Learn how to use that 2000 Watt Amp you got for Christmas.
The Ultimate Macintosh Home Page
This URL is essential for every Mac user.
Vol State Home Page
Where I work. Check out the live video camera. Pretty cool stuff.

Stuff for the Easily Amused

Monty Python Online
I will say "Ni" again unto you if you do not appease us!
Hopeless Romantic's Home Page
Dedicated to providing help to all who need it!
Online Fractal Generator
Math is really cool. (When the computer does it)
Madame Predicts
Predict your future!
Anagram Genius Server
See what your name spells! (Really Cool!)
The Center for the Easily Amused
I could spend hours on this stuff
Searchable directory for Internet cameras.
Killer Optical Illusion Page. Go there now.
Fun With Grapes
Try this in your neighbors microwave
Pig Latin Converter
Guess What that does.
TV Themes Download
Download that theme from Scooby Doo you've been looking for.