I am always in the middle of some interesting project.

  • 1972 Fiat Spider Restoration. Finally making some real moves on this. Even added a daily journal. Check it out. Eventually it'll be spitting flames, scaring old ladies and making kids cry.
  • I'm trying to build a tornado generator for my living room. Still looking for the right fan.
  • I've had a lifetime interest in building a ray guy of some sort. Laser, microwave, I don't care. If I could build a laser that had the power to do some sort of damage and still be portable, I'd be all over that. Currently, I'm concentrating on a focused microwave beam. I'll refrain from putting any info up that might get some 10 year old kid killed.
  • Potato guns. Yes, I have built many, yes they are super fun. If I ever build a pneumatic one, I'll describe it here.
  • I added an ethernet card to my tivo and had written a bunch of custom scripts to make it easy to download files, multiplex and convert them to DivX, but I haven't kept up with it and TiVo's latest release killed my software.
  • Tivo stuff: TiVo 30 second skip
  • Automating my telescope. I want to set this up on my linux box and be able to control it over the web and have it automatically look for comets and asteroids. I've released NexControl, a perl script that controls the scope from linux. You can see the freshmeat project page here.
  • MachDB: A machine database for large computer networks.
  • Cisco .pcf decrypt-or: Takes the encrypted strings from your Cisco VPN Client's .pcf file and decrypts to original string.