Some of the software I've written goes here. Many projects are incomplete, for lack of time or simpley because it was an experiment.

  • MachDB Automated Machine Database/Inventory system for Unix/Mac/Win
  • automated nmap scans diff + nmap = nmap change detection
  • log_merge merges old and new MRTG log files
  • mrtg config example for graphing ethernet traffic on your own linux box
  • tecate graphs every interesting system thing on a linux box
  • nexcontrol is a program that controls my telescope
  • Nathan's Comet Detector (in progress)
  • is a searchable web site I set up for my motorcycle.
  • (no name) is a homebrew tivo for linux
  • (no name) is a homebrew fm radio scheduler and recorder for linux
  • googlecount counts the number of entries google sees for a particular query. (broked)
  • San Diego Traffic History. I wrote the code for this a few years ago and never completed it. Now it's working. Update: not working, but archived for historical purposes.